Anubhav Nayyar | Country Head - India
Viber Media Inc. | India

Anubhav Nayyar, Country Head - India, Viber Media Inc.

Mr. Nayyar has been with Viber for the last four years and is currently the Head of Business Development South East Asia; here he manages Viber’s marketing and business development efforts across the region, with a focus on countries in ASEAN. Prior to that he has led marketing and business development efforts across multiple sectors like internet, FMCG and retail


Day One @ 14:40

1 Billion Users – Building Communities with Viber

  • Understand how messaging apps work in the Southeast Asian context
  • How telcos working in emerging markets can effectively engage with their users via partnerships and digital platforms
  • The importance of privacy and security in digital marketing
  • How messaging or “dark social” is primarily different from the typical broadcast-like nature of typical social media platforms

Day One @ 15:20

PANEL: Bridging the gap – Fostering a new era of collaboration between telcos & OTTs

  • How can telco players create new models of monetisation by working closely with OTTs to create innovative bundles?
  • Defining new models that best serve mutual interests while delivering maximum customer value
  • What is the approach to establishing open partnerships and customer models between OTTs and telco players?
last published: 21/Feb/19 02:25 GMT

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