Allen Hsu | Regional Head of Strategic Partnership and eSports Development
Garena | Thailand

Allen Hsu, Regional Head of Strategic Partnership and eSports Development, Garena

Allen Hsu is the Country Head of Strategic Partnership in Garena Thailand, a leading online game and social platform.
From General Management of game operation to Strategic Partnership in corporate level, he has been devoting himself into not only building up stages and platforms for users in every segment, but also creating the environment and ecosystem for the stakeholders in the industry. His vision and target towards Thailand to become the gaming and eSports center in Southeast Asia has been actualized from the results of Thailand being the leading market and ecosystem in the region, having world class performance from local players, and improving the comprehensive environment for all stakeholders.
At Garena, Allen's responsibilities are vital for the business growth and industry sustainability. His effort is to ensure that Garena has discovered, secured, utilized and optimized all resources possible. Which the outcome from both internal and external collaboration could be providing the optimal benefits to not only Garena’s users but the whole ecosystem, and making gaming the eSports one leading industry.


Day Two @ 14:00

Fireside Chat: Growing Southeast Asia’s e-sports industry through partnerships

This session willl take place from 1400-1430.
  • What are the key factors driving the gaming boom in Southeast Asia?
  • How can telcos capitalise on the esports boom?
  • Establishing partnerships to develop solutions and services for gamers
  • Campaigning for esports internally and obtaining CXO’s buy-in
last published: 25/Mar/19 11:35 GMT

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