We are an Identity blockchain platform for automation in KYC, Risk and Business profiling of consumers, built on Alternate data intelligence of multiple institutions like Banks, Telecoms, OTA, Utility and more. Enabling them with a communication layer among-est them to share alternative data in a secured governance and privacy compliant way in form of Zero Knowledge proof. Help them monetize the data in a much better environment, without losing the control over the data. The major Dapps use cases it reflects are: 

•    The E-KYC/KYC sharing among the enterprise.

•    Secured Communication Channel among Enterprise on alternative data access and Business Profiling based on alternative data.


We have received significant traction in India, UAE and US markets and have been progressing on creating syndicates with banks, telecoms and other digital platforms. We are working with 12+ banks, 5+ telecoms in 3 different geographies (Will be Covering 700 Million People by 2021 for Alternate data based Financial Health, Behavior & more)and with consortiums on Fastag with NHAI (On-boarding , Fraud and Violation Detection for 125 Million Vehicles), Consortium of OTA, Banks and Telecoms. We have already on-boarded 11.5 million people for better Profiling and assessment on alternative data for Auto Re-Finance and multiple other banking products. We are also working with AAI(Airport Authority of India) for IAM on blockchain across (5 Major airports in India for 250 Million Travellers in a Year) for Blockchain based innovation and more. We are also working with 5 State governments in 2 different continents and UN. 


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