HORISEN is a product-oriented software company specialized in developing cutting-edge cloud products in the area of Telecom and Marketing. We develop software solutions for Mobile Operators, Voice Carriers, SMS Aggregators, OTTs and Enterprises of all sizes.  
We develop large-scale software and applications which simplify, automate and accelerate the work and enable greater efficiency. HORISEN's in-house developed products empower telecom service providers to run SMS wholesale and retail business. Besides running their own messaging business, enterprises can use our products to carry out mobile marketing activities to support sales, both online and offline. 
HORISEN SMS Platform is a 3 times award-winning, 100 % carrier-neutral platform for SMS wholesale and retail business designed for telecom and marketing professionals that aim to run SMS business based on high efficiency. Our SMS Platform is all-in-one platform, which enables you to run SMS wholesale and retail business from A-Z, no other applications are needed. 


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