Aprecomm’s Virtual Wireless Expert (VWE) product offers a solution to the industry that

improves and enhances Wi-Fi Experience in Enterprise, SMB (Small Medium Business), Retail

and SP (Service Provider) markets.


Though the Wi-Fi protocols have evolved through the years, achieving reliable Wi-Fi is still a

bigger challenge. With increasing Wi-Fi devices, it is imminent to have a system that can

provide absolute visibility and control over the Wi-Fi network to assure connectivity and service.

Aprecomm’s VWE is designed to provide the missing visibility and critical insights with

actionable recommendations required for assured Wi-Fi through edge and cloud intelligence.


By integrating the VWE stack, users (administrators, service providers) can predict, automate

and get insights on device (AP & Client) performance in real-time. This experience improves

business standards through high reliability, reduced support and speedy ROI.


For ISPs (Internet Service Providers), the VWE product offers visibility to their subscriber’s Wi-

Fi experience. For instance, VWE can tell “Why a subscriber’s Netflix or YouTube streaming

was slow?” In addition, VWE also offers analytics that allows ISPs make critical decisions. For

instance, “Which specific device models or firmware are performing well on the network?”

Aprecomm’s VWE offers a swift Go-To Market Strategy for OEMs and ODMs to offer AI based

next generation Access Points to their customers. This cloud-based AI technology is the most

innovative and a required solution for every device vendor to satisfy and impress their



Aprecomm’s vision is to get intelligence into Edge, transform them to Self-Organizing Devices

and offer seamless wireless experience to end-users. Aprecomm was founded in 2016 by a group

of distinguished engineers with backgrounds from Atheros, Qualcomm, Motorola and Amazon.

Partner with us today! Let VWE take care of your customer happiness index while your

engineers work on new ideas.


“Aprecomm – Drive Device Evolution.”


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