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The Company’s business has continually expanded in the scope of products and services as a result of the experience and expertise gained. Products and services are designed to match customers’ needs and new business opportunities are continually explored. Currently, our principal businesses are as follows:

  • Exhibition
  • Event Marketing
  • Learning Center & Museum
  • Knowledge Communication
  • Others

Additionally, we also conduct other businesses and services that complement our main products thus making us a full service provider. For instance, some of these services are design and supply of construction equipment including decorative materials. We stress an all-inclusive or turnkey approach to our service starting from the design concept, planning, constructing, and arranging exhibition, media selection and event management. The scope of services is mainly subject to the client need. The overall approach in each of our business segments is to understand the client’s orders by studying and researching their business information and identify the communication target. After that, such information will be used in planning activities including selection and implementation of the efficient and effective communication process to deliver the specific information from clients to target audiences. As for the individual business direction, the Company targets to expand the operation including increasing market share in various industries both domestic and international market.






Official Freight Forwarder & On-site Handling Agent

DSV is the logistics market leader in the MICE industry. With our global network of over 550 offices in more than 120 countries, DSV has been appointed the official freight forwarder for numerous world class exhibitions and events DSV is an active member to numerous associations such as UFI, IELA, AFECA, SACEOS, SLA.
As a testimony of our quality service and support, DSV, an award winning organization, has received ISO 9001:2015 certification, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and BizSAFE Star (Level Star) certification.
DSV offers a convenient “single point of contact” service tailored to our clients. We specialize in moving equipment and exhibits, and provide logistics solutions to companies covering a broad spectrum of industries. Whether it is trade fairs, sports, visual & fine arts or performing events, we could tailor to the clients’ specific logistics needs. Our experience and trained staff understands and anticipates customers’ special needs and would strive to ensure that any exhibition or event is logistically smooth and hassle free.




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