IoT, AI, Big Data

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IoT, AI & Big Data, Tuesday 26 March 2019


Organiser’s Welcome Remarks

Nitin Mahajan

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Natasak Rodjanapiches

Host Opening Keynote Address: Accelerating Thailand’s digital economy

  • An overview of Thailand’s digital economy masterplan
  • What new ICT technologies is Thailand looking to invest in?
  • Opportunities for collaboration and partnership: How is the government looking to partner with solution providers
Erwin Meyer

Dell Technologies Set to Drive 5G Transformation

Telecommunications is no longer just a means of communications between individuals. It has become an integral part of human society, allowing the sharing of information, ideas and experiences. It has also evolved beyond human communications - machines have started communicating with each other as well as with human beings.The technological innovations of the past 80 years have been preparing us for the digital transformation that we are witnessing and the telecommunications sector is at the forefront of this transformation. The role of communications service providers is set to transform radically. Decisions made today may lead to unprecedented fortunes or lost opportunities.In such exciting times are we and we must make full use of the transformation opportunity to meet the needs of telecommunications customers.
Panel discussion

Opening Keynote Panel – A vision for tomorrow: Digital transformation for 2020 and beyond

With the advent of 5G and proliferation of IoT devices, the telecoms industry is at a turning point. Businesses and industries are impacted by digitalisation, driven by faster connectivity and higher bandwidth services as the crucial backbone.
  • Tapping into AI, big data, IoT – What new opportunities do they present in diversifying revenue streams and creating better products and experiences for customers?
  • How are operators leveraging on new hardware and software to achieve long-term efficiency gains and greater flexibility?
  • How are operators planning to overcome the challenge of legacy IT platforms and architecture to build digital capabilities?
  • Future gazing: What is your vision for the post-2020 landscape?

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Smart City Strategy

Bob Fox
IoT, AI & Big Data


Bob Fox, Chairperson, ICT/Digital Economy Committee, Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce
Panel discussion
IoT, AI & Big Data

PANEL: Smarter telcos for smart cities in the IoT era

  • Smart cities – a testbed for developing technologies services of scale
  • Beyond providing connectivity, what opportunities can telcos tap into to support the vision of a smart city?
  • Developing a telecoms architecture that is robust and secure, yet open enough to enable innovation
  • What are the key success factors for telcos in smart city projects?
Moderator: Bob Fox, Chairperson, ICT/Digital Economy Committee, Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce
Jean-Francois Gebhart, Chief Operating Officer IOT, TRUE Corporation
IoT, AI & Big Data

Navigating Telco Transformation into a Digital Telco – A case study on Telkom Indonesia


Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit

Strategy & Planning in the IoT era

Gordon Hou
IoT, AI & Big Data

Telco Case Study: Cloud Solution of IoT for anti-counterfeit service

Agung Enriko
IoT, AI & Big Data

Tapping on opportunities in the IoT ecosystem

- What are the challenges that players in the IoT ecosystem face with the increase in demand for connectivity- Reducing complexity when interfacing with multiple operators and local IoT platforms- How can operators support their customers’ IoT deployment from concept to commercialisation?
Juergen Hase
IoT, AI & Big Data

Telco Case Study: How can telcos support the IoT boom

Strategy and Planning in the IoT era

Nanami Isowa
IoT, AI & Big Data

Achieving DX through utilizing IoT

Asnee Wipatawate
IoT, AI & Big Data

From Concept to Implementation - Study of IoT deployment

Asnee Wipatawate, Head of Enterprise Product & International Service, Advanced Info Service
IoT, AI & Big Data

Fireside chat: How can telcos monetise IoT?

  • How can telcos tap on IoT as a new revenue stream? What are the new business models that will emerge?
  • Creating a differentiated and unique IoT strategy
  • Establishing partnerships with application providers and device vendors

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Closing Keynote Session

Chee Keong Foong

Formulating regulatory frameworks for the future

  • Trends in telecommunications regulations
  • What do regulatory changes mean for industry and consumers?
  • What policies are needed to ensure continual investment in broadband infrastructure and development of the global internet economy?
Matthew Sturgess

Preparing for tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges

  • What are the main threats facing the telecommunications industry?
  • How has the security landscape evolved and what are the new emerging threats?
  • New privacy issues and implications to consider in the age of IoT
  • Developing a technology roadmap focused on cybersecurity applications for IoT
Cipto Herlianto

Chairperson's Closing Remarks


Networking Drinks Reception

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IoT, AI & Big Data, Wednesday 27 March 2019


Organiser’s Welcome Remarks

Saiful Hidayat

Navigating Telco Transformation into a Digital Telco – A case study on Telkom Indonesia

Emily Ng

Achieving Greater Efficiency with Network Slicing for 5G

Every CSP embarking on their 5G planning is faced with the challenge of achieving a greater efficiency with the larger network. The challenge of having to guarantee network resources to subscribers and their access to services, CSPs would need to create Virtual Network Services with network slices. This entails the building an intelligent layer of end-to-end orchestration for workloads to augment the network slice – in relations to its real-time performance will be shared in this session.

Fireside Chat: Scaling Netflix through Partnerships

  • How are media consumption patterns in Asia evolving? What are the opportunities arising from these changing patterns?
  • Which markets are the biggest sources of growth over the next few years?
  • Examining the importance of OTTs and telco partnerships
  • Content quality in an on-demand age – How to future proof service quality
Frank Sliwka

Leveraging on Asia’s booming eSports industry

  • Overview of the esports market landscape in Southeast Asia
  • Key factors behind the gaming boom in this region
  • What roles can telcos play in scaling up e-sports, content creation and distribution within the broader gaming ecosystem?
  • Strategies to connect and engage with millennial consumers

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Roundtable 1: Cambodia


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Big Data: Opportunities for Telcos

Aps Chikhalikar
IoT, AI & Big Data

Deliver the Next Generation Digital Customer Experience enabled by real time analytics

  • Connect the customer to the core to provide real time order mgt, provisioning and assurance
  • Enable real time data driven decisions for your customers and service owners
  • Get visibility of future trends on key metrics based on historical data, benchmark against your industry and drive continual improvement
  • Hear customer examples of how they have achieved the above
Panel discussion
IoT, AI & Big Data

PANEL: Is data the new oil for telcos?

  • How can telecoms transform the surge in data volumes into an opportunity?
  • How can data analytics drive improvements in service optimisation, customer satisfaction and revenues?
  • Integration of big data – Overcoming challenges that can be faced during this process
  • How do you see your use of analytics evolving as we move towards a connected devices ecosystem?
  • How can telcos bridge the big data talent gap?

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AI & Big Data Case Studies

Shao Wei Ying
IoT, AI & Big Data

Unlocking the promise of big data for telecom

  • Strategic considerations for telcos aspiring to create value from Big Data
  • How can telcos monetise their customer insights through Big Data
  • Operating model and capabilities required to derive value from Big Data initiatives
  • New sources of revenue
Daniel Chae
IoT, AI & Big Data

Case Study: TANGO – SK Telecom’s AI-assisted network operation system

  • Application of TANGO to all telecommunications network of the company
  • How does the system utilise machine learning technology?
  • What benefits have TANGO delivered to the company?
Korakot Chaovavanich
IoT, AI & Big Data

Enhancing customer experience with AI

Winn Voravuthikunchai
IoT, AI & Big Data

Telecoms-data-as-a-Service: Unlocking the value of big data

Ahmed Saady Yaamin
IoT, AI & Big Data

Tapping on data analytics to improve the customer journey

  • Understanding customer usage and demand with data
  • Customer journey mapping with data and enabling personalization
  • How can customer data be capitalized on to improve the customer journey

Close of Telecoms World Asia 2019. See you next year!

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