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Accurait® is a cloud-based software as a service platform revolutionising the digital structuring and management of Commercial Contracts. Using several cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence techniques, Accurait® finds, sorts, analyses and extracts vast amounts of data from complex documents, turning unstructured data into a structured data repository for automated lease management and compliance with financial standards.

Accurait is a collaboration with CSIRO’s Data 61 and LeaseInfo® (Australia’s largest provider of retail leasing data.)  Accurait® is already proving itself as a vital innovation for commercial, retail, childcare and government entities managing multiple leased assets.

Michael Miller, Director Mediation Services, NSW Small Business Commission said “ The NSW Small Business Commission has implemented the Accurait platform as a way to store and report key metrics on the extensive database of retail leases that we hold on behalf of retail lease clients. “

Accurait® has been specifically designed and tested to meet the nuances of Australian contracts using several Machine Learning techniques which continually improve and learn as the platform grows. API interfaces with leading accounting and portfolio management systems have enabled our clients to meet the new IFRS16 accounting standard efficiently, and established Accurait® as an indispensable platform for managing their commercial leases.

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