Varun Pant | Enterprise Information Manager
eHealth NSW

Varun Pant, Enterprise Information Manager, eHealth NSW

Varun has nearly 25 years of experience in designing solutions to help solve real life business problems and has delivered multiple award-winning digital transformations that have realised business benefits.
Varun is currently working with eHealth NSW and oversees the planning and governance of enterprise data and information management for eHealth NSW, besides also providing strategic advice about the feasibility and suitability of proposed solutions to achieve business outcomes. At the same time, Varun is very passionate about data and information management, sharing his knowledge and giving back to the community. 
He is also the current National President of DAMA Australia.  
Varun has worked in seven countries, spanning four continents and the different interactions with people has always added to his learnings around culture being an integral part of effecting change in any digital transformation initiative.
He is also the recipient of two team Secretary's Awards - the Australian Federal Govt as well as NSW State levels.
Over the years, Varun has been involved in developing and delivering smart, integrated, and sustainable data and analytics solutions, implementing strategies to oversee and manage metadata, perform data profiling and ensuring data quality, data modelling and design, data confidentiality, integrity and privacy, enterprise data governance, master data and reference data, information lifecycle management, security and access controls, compliance with relevant legislation and policies.
Varun also holds several industry certifications like CISSP, CISM, TOGAF, AWS Certified Cloud Professional, CompTIA Security+ and PRINCE2 Practitioner.


Day 2 @ 13:50

Data Democratisation across Agencies

  • The benefits and challenges to enabling cross-agency collaboration
  • The drive to data sharing – what’s changing the conversation
  • The key ingredients to implement effective use and management of data across enterprise
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