Uday Kulkarni | PhD Candidate - UTS Centre for Local Government
University of technology Sydney

Uday Kulkarni, PhD Candidate - UTS Centre for Local Government, University of technology Sydney

Uday Kulkarni is a PhD candidate at the UTS Centre for Local Government. His research investigates the adoption of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in the Local Government. He is also an ICT professional with comprehensive experience in NSW local government and many other industry sectors.


Day 2 @ 14:05

ICT Adoption in NSW Local Government: Views from the Coalface

The rhetoric around ICT adoption in local government looms large: Smart cities, rumours of a lack of suppliers in the ERM space, and the vexatious nature of social media. But what is the experience of ICT professionals in the sector? We undertook ethics approved, anonymous in-depth interviews with 31 ICT professionals from a range of council types in NSW. We found that ICT adoptions in local governments are incredibly complex, with IT professionals having varying levels of experience in local government. New policy changes by other tiers of governments, organisational cultural factors, compliance obligations, the digital divide in the community, rapid changes in technology, the domination of ICT vendors and community engagement are some of the most apparent influences on ICT adoptions in councils. Most of all, ICT professionals want a seat at the strategy table, with only some allowed a chair.
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT

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