Tony Fitzgibbon | Chief Executive Officer
Data Zoo | Australia

Tony Fitzgibbon, Chief Executive Officer, Data Zoo

Tony Fitzgibbon is the CEO of Data Zoo and a subject matter expert in Data Management with more than 25 years in electronic Identity Verification (eIDV), specialising in the APAC region.

He has owned and operated two successful businesses within the data industry. The first, focussed on the creation of a unique consumer and business marketing database and the second, saw him produce an innovative ID verification system – the first of its kind in Australia. His expertise, not only in identity verification but also, in fraud and compliance solutions continues to drive innovative and effective solutions for companies operating worldwide.

His direct relationships with APAC government agencies enable his clients to have access to independent and reliable data sources to comply with KYC and CDD to meet their requirements. In 2016, Tony was the first individual outside of China to gain access to Chinese government data for the purposes of digital identification and KYC.


Day 1 @ 13:50

Roundtable 04: The importance of implementing a proactive KYC/AML solution, and future trends

This roundtable will run at 13:50, 14:20 and 14:50.
  • The impact of digitisation and the increase of fraud
  • Preventing fraud with a multi-layered verification solution
  • Adapting to the complex and new regulatory environment
last published: 19/Jan/22 03:35 GMT

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