Teresa Blair | Assistant Secretary Data Analytics
Department of Defence

Teresa Blair, Assistant Secretary Data Analytics, Department of Defence

Teresa is the Assistant Secretary Data Analytics in the Department of Defence’s Data Division.  In this role, she is responsible for designing and establishing the new enterprise level function to deliver analytics products and services to the Defence organisation.

Teresa is a former Navy officer and ADFA graduate who has also worked as a project and program manager in industry for a number of years, before re-joining the Department in 2008 as a public servant.
Key roles include working as a project manager in the Space Systems Program and as the Director of Major Program Control.  In 2015, Teresa joined the Capability Life Cycle design team, which had been formed in response to the 2015 First Principles Review. As the lead for the Portfolio layer of the design, Teresa was responsible for designing the new Defence Portfolio function and Investment Committee, and reforming how Defence, Government and the Central Agencies interact on major capability investment initiatives. 
In 2018, Teresa completed a Masters degree in Politics and Policy, specialising in public policy development, and was promoted to the SES, where she took up the role of Assistant Secretary Maritime Analysis in Contestability Division.  In this role she was responsible for the independent assurance and analysis of the Department’s maritime capability projects and programs, strategic cost assurance within Defence, and for the contesting of force design activities within the Capability Life Cycle.
In 2020, Teresa was asked to lead the development and launch of the Defence Transformation Strategy.  The Transformation Strategy is the accompaniment to the 2020 Defence Strategic Update and the 2020 Force Structure Plan, and sets out the strategic guidance for enduring transformation and reform of the Defence enterprise.
Following the launch of the Transformation Strategy in November 2020, Teresa established the Enterprise Analysis Branch and led the team that developed and launched the first Defence Data Strategy 2021-23.  Teresa led the creation of the new Defence Data Division in its early stages, including acting in the role of Chief Data Integration Officer.
Teresa is married to James, who works in IT, and they have an eight year old daughter named Eleanor.


Day 2 @ 13:50

Data Democratisation across Agencies

  • The benefits and challenges to enabling cross-agency collaboration
  • The drive to data sharing – what’s changing the conversation
  • The key ingredients to implement effective use and management of data across enterprise

Day 2 @ 14:50

Creating an enterprise-level integration platform to improve accessibility

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