Tegan Kop | Emerging Tech Testbed Lead
City of Melbourne

Tegan Kop, Emerging Tech Testbed Lead, City of Melbourne

Tegan is an applied innovation expert with a focus on social equity working to make a more connected and caring world. They believe in the power of cross-sector collaboration to solve big problems and make real lasting social change. You can see this in action through their extensive and innovative work in the corporate, community and government sectors. 
Tegan leads the Emerging Technology Testbed in the Smart City Incubator in City of Melbourne's Technology and Digital Innovation branch focusing on the future of Melbourne and how we might use emerging tech, real-time data and human centred design to get there.


Day 2 @ 10:30

How to leverage emerging technology to solve city problems – City of Melbourne Case Study

  • Action: What are the key activities to harness emerging tech for city and community benefit?
  • Insight: What did we learn and how has it changed what we do next?
  • Next steps: Where to from here?
last published: 05/Aug/21 23:55 GMT

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