Tanya Gleeson | Enterprise Account Executive - Australia and New Zealand

Tanya Gleeson, Enterprise Account Executive - Australia and New Zealand, Convene

Tanya Gleeson has an extensive record in sales and account management that goes back over 17 years. Just before joining Azeus, Tanya Gleeson worked as General Manager of Sales at SAI Global a leading provider of property and information software, committed to delivering market leading products, software and services to banking & financial institutes, government, legal, property professionals and corporations nationally, by driving innovation and quality end-to-end solutions that reduced risk and increased clients’ productivity and profitability. Prior to this, she worked as National Sales Manager for start-up Encompass Corporation who developed the software Encompass Smart Search. Encompass improved the accuracy and speed of decision-making by visually mapping the complex relationships and connections between corporate entities, directors, shareholders, individuals and their assets. Tanya was awarded the prestigious Valerie Shaffer scholarship at Metropolitan College and holds a degree in business management graduating in December 2001


Day 1 @ 12:50

Digital Governance Tools for Business Continuity, Board Improvement and Achieving Sustainability Goals

  • Learn how digital governance tools help future-proof your governance practices and continue business as usual in difficult, changing times.
  • Discover how digital governance tools can help your boards and committees by creating governance best practices to aid in strategic planning and streamlining high-level decision making.
  • Discover how digital governance tools not only save you costs on paper and document printing, but also on preparation time and carbon footprint.
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