Dr Stephenie Andal | Head of Strategic Policy
Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre | Australia

Dr Stephenie Andal, Head of Strategic Policy, Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre

Stephenie is the Head of Strategic Policy at the CSCRC, working to shape strategic thinking on key cyber security legal and policy issues and demystify complex issues to inform boards, organisations and the wider Australian public. Prior to joining the CSCRC, Stephenie was the Manager of the NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node, a Government initiative funded by the NSW State Government and AustCyber whose aim is to build future-focused, sovereign cyber security capabilities. Before taking up that role, Stephenie worked on AustCyber’s national innovation and capability programs, driving the commercial growth of the Australian cyber security sector. 

Prior to commencing work in the Australian cyber security sector, Stephenie was a doctoral researcher in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney, where her PhD research focused on Chinese cyber security policies, foreign policy and geopolitics in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Stephenie holds a PhD from the University of Sydney, a Master’s degree from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary.


Day 1 @ 11:50

Reviewing new and emerging cyber threats and challenges

  • Understanding new threats and setting a strategy
  • How the latest security trends are influencing cyber policy
  • Responding to the evolving cyber security landscape

Day 1 @ 12:30

Current legislative and regulatory trends: board and executive-level awareness

  • Attackers are currently benefitting from organisational indecision on cyber risk, with high-profile debilitating attacks happening globally, the most prominent globally cyber threats.
  • Encouragingly, cyber risk is increasingly at the top of executive and board agendas, with increasing demands that programs prove their value in risk-reducing terms. Still, more can be done.
  • What are the current global and Australian legislative and regulatory trends which boards should be aware of and how can organisations formulate and implement effective cyber security policies?
last published: 19/Jan/22 03:35 GMT

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