Simon Fonteyn | Founder & Managing Director
Accurait | Australia

Simon Fonteyn, Founder & Managing Director, Accurait

Simon is one of Australia’s leading experts on retail, childcare and medical leasing and rental valuations. With over 25 years experience in the commercial property industry, he founded Leasing Information Systems, a specialist research house that provides his clients with extensive l leasing intelligence. Leasing Information Systems tracks and monitors retail leases in hundreds of Shopping Centres and Shopping Strips throughout Australia. For over 10 years, Leasing Information Services has provided retailers much needed information on current leasing trends. His ground-breaking research house can pinpoint a specific leasing deal which means that direct comparable leasing terms can be used as market intelligence. Furthermore, his data portal uses advanced statistical formulas to categorise information to provide visibility on retail category groups such as “food”, “fashion”, “newsagencies”, “hair salons”, “telecommunications” etc. Traditionally, leasing deals have been shrouded in secrecy, however Leasing Information Services has changed the way leases are negotiated by providing much needed transparency in Shopping Centres and Popular Shopping Strips, Direct Factory Outlet and a host of retail leasing spaces. Simon Fonteyn’s ground breaking business empowers retailerswith information and consultancy expertise to ensure competitive leasing deals are negotiated. Simon is passionate that retailers are provided with the expert knowledge and practical hands on assistance to negotiate fair and equitable lease terms prior to signing a new lease or renegotiating an existing lease. Simon Fonteyn has a wealth of practical property experience, legal knowledge and vast databank of competitive retail leasing intelligence which he uses to conduct Feasibility Studies, Retail Valuations,Commercial Valuations and Property Research. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from University of NSW, Master of Management from Macquarie University and an Associate Diploma in Valuation. He is an Associate of the API and a registered valuer and accredited retail valuation expert.

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