Sean Walsh | Regional Director

Sean Walsh, Regional Director, Delinea

Sean has over 23+ years of experience across a variety of IT & Security solutions with consistent successful customer outcomes. Sean brings a wealth of knowledge from his past leadership roles which include Citrix, AppSense, Avecto, Carbon Black, Alyne more recently, Centrify. Sean has been responsible for taking complex technology solutions for organizations that are not yet based in region and growing/building successful territories and teams that provide solution value to end users & partners of technology. He is a seasoned global traveler with education in both Ireland and the United Kingdom with a BA in Information Management & Finance from the University of Westminster, London


Day 2 @ 11:30

The PAM Lifecycle: How to start your PAM journey that leads to success and maturity

Privileged Access Management (PAM) can be defined as managing privileged accounts and delegating privileged actions. Within an organization, it governs who can access or use a privileged account and what they can do once logged in with that privileged account. Privileged Access Management includes both privileged account management and privileged session management.The PAM process has a well-defined lifecycle and 4 distinct phases of maturity that organizations typically pass through on their way to becoming what we call “PAM leaders”.In this session we will take a deeper look at:
  • Going beyond the vault
  • Two sides of the PAM coin (PASM&PEDM)
  • An Essential Eight compliant solution
  • How to get your organisation sitting at ‘level 3’ PAM maturity
Join us for this session to establish a successful and mature PAM journey.
last published: 10/May/22 11:45 GMT

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