Sascha Fuls | General Manager
OVD Kinegram (Asia Pacific)

Sascha Fuls, General Manager, OVD Kinegram (Asia Pacific)

Mr. Sascha Fuls is the General Manager of OVD Kinegram (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd in Singapore, wholly owned by OVD Kinegram AG (Switzerland), Member of the KURZ Group. OVD Kinegram AG is the leading full-service provider of physical and digital security solutions for government documents. The company’s proprietary Kinegram technology is recognized as the most advanced counterfeit-protection available. The resulting security features are easy-to-use in visual inspection and can be designed for machine authentication. Unique in its innovative capacity, the company also provides solutions for automatic document inspection and mobile on-boarding. Previously, Sascha held positions within the Swiss Government where he served as Deputy Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva and as Policy Advisor to the Defence Department. Sascha holds a M.A. (international relations) from the University of St.Gallen and two MBAs from UCLA Anderson and the National University of Singapore, respectively.


Day 1 @ 13:40

Smartphones and Artificial Intelligence: A new paradigm for remote identity proofing and document authentication

Government agencies and commercial entities that rely on the services of identity providers within a digital identity ecosystem will require various levels of confidence in establishing the legitimacy of an individual’s identity. This is achieved via an identity proofing process which continues to rely on, among other attributes, government-issued documents as evidence of identity. The ability to remotely verify the authenticity of those physical documents is an important element in the resident’s digital identity on-boarding process. In this respect, a new paradigm is on the way.
  • Why physical documents are important in the context of digital identity
  • The role of highly secure Diffractive Optically Variable Image Devices (DOVIDs) in protecting documents
  • Remote verification of DOVIDs using smartphones and Artificial Intelligence?
last published: 21/Oct/20 11:35 GMT
last published: 21/Oct/20 11:35 GMT
last published: 21/Oct/20 11:35 GMT

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