Rob Hueston | Strategic Account Leader APAC

Rob Hueston, Strategic Account Leader APAC, GitLab

Rob is an experienced manager of people, teams and customer relationships with twenty years’ experience in business-to-business consultative selling, management, strategy, marketing and operational roles across the DevSecOps, Cloud, Security and Big Data / Analytics industries.

Rob brings a wealth of knowledge to GitLab, serving Public Sector customers to help them achieve their goals by reducing development times and cost with increased security.
Rob has an enthusiastic, personable style that easily establishes rapport and trust. Integrity, responsibility and business acumen are attributes which enable him to develop opportunities, people and a cohesive team environment within an organisation. Furthermore, his business philosophy is built on three key ingredients – Relationships, Business Strategy and Execution. 
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Day 1 @ 12:10

Roundtable 08: The criteria for a successful transformation program in Government?

  • How do teams working in silos collaborate?
  • How can we more effectively communicate between teams on the low to the high side in a highly secure (sensitive) environment?
  • How do you measure “Speed to Mission” or is it not important?
  • When is it best to engage security teams in the transformation program?
last published: 21/Oct/20 11:35 GMT
last published: 21/Oct/20 11:35 GMT
last published: 21/Oct/20 11:35 GMT

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