Rob Crispe | A/g Deputy Director General Customer Services Division
IP Australia

Rob Crispe, A/g Deputy Director General Customer Services Division, IP Australia

As General Manager within IP Australia’s Customer Services Division, Rob currently leads business improvement initiatives that support the agency’s core business delivery and customer engagement objectives. Technology and customer experience play a vital role in IP Australia delivering an effective intellectual property system, and providing quality services to Australian business, researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs.

Rob has worked at the senior executive level across multiple federal government agencies, and his experience includes leadership roles spanning policy development, regulation, corporate and digital communications, stakeholder engagement, learning and development and program management.

Rob’s qualifications include an Executive Master of Public Administration, a Graduate Certificate in Applied management, and Diplomas of Business and Project Management. Rob is A graduate of the ANU, the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM), the Melbourne Business School and the University of Canberra.


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Digital transformation with a focus on your customers as well as your employees

  • Implementing customer-centric technology to deliver the right service
  • A focus on the people, the process and the tools required to integrate technology across your organisation
  • Replicating your customer digital experiences for your employees in a hybrid environment
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