Randall Brugeaud | Head
Simplified Trade System Implementation Taskforce | Australia

Randall Brugeaud, Head, Simplified Trade System Implementation Taskforce

Randall has spent more than 30 years working in a range of public and private sector roles, with a major focus on transformation. He has worked across dozens of public sector organisations and spent more than a decade working with the Boston Consulting Group and a private IT consulting firm, which he founded and operated. 
As head of the STS Implementation Taskforce, Randall is leading a whole-of-government microeconomic reform that will simplify Australia’s cross-border trade system and make Australia more competitive on the global stage.
Immediately prior to his appointment to the Taskforce, Randall spent 3 years as the Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA). Before the DTA, Randall was the Deputy Australian Statistician and Chief Operating Officer at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Prior to that, he was the Chief Information Officer at both the former Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.
In April 2020, Randall was also appointed as the inaugural Head of the Australian Public Service (APS) Digital Profession. In this role, Randall is helping to raise the digital capability of the APS workforce and set a standard of excellence for digital professionals that supports the delivery of world-leading services for all Australians.
Randall holds a Master of Business Administration degree, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Computing and a Bachelor of Education degree. He is also a Senior Executive Fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School.   


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Modernising the international trade system to strengthen Australia’s economic resilience

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