Radi Kovacevic | Chief Information Officer
Department of Home Affairs

Radi Kovacevic, Chief Information Officer, Department of Home Affairs

Radi Kovacevic is currently the Chief Information Officer for the Department of Home Affairs. Radi has responsibility for Home Affairs technology, operations, delivery and architectural direction to transform ICT foundations in partnership across the Department. Previously, Radi headed up the GOV.AU team in the Digital Transformation Agency and was also the Chief Information Officer for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, with responsibility for all digital services.Radi has a strong background in digital delivery for large programs, including the 2014 G20 summit andlarge machinery of government changes. In the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Radi assisted with the remediation program for the Home Insulation Program and supported  the digital delivery for energy efficiency programs such as National Solar Schools. Radi holds a Bachelor of Commerce Accounting and Graduate Diploma of Computer Science from the University of Canberra.


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Reinforcing core IT systems and accelerating the adoption of newer cloud platforms

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