Patricia Lebreton | Cyber Security Influence & Awareness Manager
Transport for NSW | Australia

Patricia Lebreton, Cyber Security Influence & Awareness Manager, Transport for NSW

Patricia works to make security everyone?s business, in order to keep critical infrastructure and services safe from and resilient to cyber threats. She?s especially interested in fostering a cyber risk aware culture, quantitative cyber risk analysis using FAIR, and using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for good. She began her career at Carnegie Mellon University?s Software Engineering Institute in Pittsburgh. Later she managed initiatives under Australia?s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, and she established a consulting practice specialising in storytelling for technology leaders. She lives in Sydney and plays the ukulele.


Day 2 @ 13:50

Fostering a cyber risk aware culture

  • What is a cyber risk aware culture and why is it important – nearly all successful attacks take advantage of poor decisions and behaviours within the organisation
  • Setting and assessing a target state – what does good look like and how can you measure it
  • Issues and approaches in fostering culture change – it’s more than training completions and awareness campaigns

Day 2 @ 14:10

Mitigating cyber security threats: From prevention to response

last published: 12/Jan/22 05:35 GMT

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