Oakley Kwon | Director of Digital Transformation
Queensland Department of Justice And Attorney General

Oakley Kwon, Director of Digital Transformation, Queensland Department of Justice And Attorney General

Oakley Kwon is a well-respected and dynamic executive leader, digital innovator and actress having won numerous awards throughout her career for her work in legislative policy reform, digital innovation and acting. She is one of this year’s winners of the Equity Ensemble Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Mini-series/Telemovie for her portrayal of Diane Tran in the TV miniseries, Hungry Ghosts. She is the Director of the 2020 Asian Food and Film festival and the Chair of the Diversity Production Fund established in 2020 to support the development of screen content featuring Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, LGBTIQA+, disabled, and women performers and content creators. A versatile career sees her currently researching AI in law through QUT. Admitted as a lawyer of the ACT Supreme Court, she holds a Bachelor and Master of Laws from the Australian National University. She has been appointed to the Boards of two Australian companies, provided leadership as CEO of an international innovation company, and is currently the Director of Digital Transformation for the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, in Queensland.


Day 2 @ 13:30

Digital transformation with a focus on your customers as well as your employees

  • Implementing customer-centric technology to deliver the right service
  • A focus on the people, the process and the tools required to integrate technology across your organisation
  • Replicating your customer digital experiences for your employees in a hybrid environment

Day 2 @ 14:10

Serving vulnerable members in society with digitally enabled systems

  • Oakley explores three case studies where digital technology and enablement has helped further the interests of vulnerable groups in society, including enabling better collection of data for the end of life care of First Nations people, assisting victims of child sex abuse with special needs in giving their best evidence by matching them with social and health workers suited to their needs, and enabling better evidence collection from victims through the use of 3D animal avatars.
  • At the core of all good digital products is a clear understanding of the problems specific to the target audience, and a design process that champions human-centred design and co-design practices.
  • The case studies suggest that augmented systems that provide equal weight to the importance of humans and technology are likely to deliver better results for more vulnerable members in society, where technology alone is not enough.
last published: 05/Aug/21 23:55 GMT

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