Nathan Steiner | Head of Systems Engineering, ANZ
Veeam Pty Limited | Australia

Nathan Steiner, Head of Systems Engineering, ANZ, Veeam Pty Limited

Nathan is a technology expert with over 25 years industry experience at the forefront of digital transformation, innovation and infrastructure transformation. 
Nathan is currently Head of Systems Engineering at Veeam. In this role, Nathan helps customers to intelligently manage their data to improve business outcomes. Nathan is focused on the alignment of strategic business goals with technology strategy and execution plans. He has championed numerous product development strategies, go-to-market tactics and enhanced regional revenue growth. 
In his role at Veeam, Nathan leads a technical team of 18 field facing solution architects and boasts a 90% retention rate for new talent. 
With extensive experience in technology, Nathan specialises in a variety of areas, including mainframe security, infrastructure transformation, virtualisation, networking, mobility desktop and application virtualisation, data protection, data availability and cloud. As a key opinion leader, Nathan often provides commentary for major Australian newspapers including the Daily Telegraph. 


Day 1 @ 13:50

Roundtable 20: Make data protection and secure backups your last line of defense against Ransomware

This roundtable will run at 13:50, 14:20 and 14:50. Ransomware is something every company’s board will discuss, whether it’s before an attack happens or after. Veeam’s® local experts – Nathan Steiner & John McCloskey – will share their perspectives on what should be discussed in every boardroom before a ransomware attack interrupts your business. This includes:
  • Financial, legal and reputational risk mitigation
  • Why cyber insurance will soon cost you more and offer less protection
  • New backup and data storage security protocols that you can implement now

Day 2 @ 13:30

Risk management and compliance in the hybrid world

When considering digital transformation, every organization will need to ensure they are meeting compliance needs across their hybrid platforms, in order to reduce their cyber security exposure, join us to hear about:
  • Five key techniques that can ensure that your firm emerges from a ransomware attack unscathed and keep your insurance premiums from climbing
  • Best practices for data protection plus rapid recovery strategies you can use today to protect your enterprise from a cyber attack
  • Overview of Veeam® capabilities that give you tools to protect your organization from ransomware attacks
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