Monica Whitty | Director
UNSW Institute for Cyber Security | Australia

Monica Whitty, Director, UNSW Institute for Cyber Security

Professor Monica Whitty is the Director of the UNSW Institute for Cyber Security (IFCYBER), where she also holds a Professorship in Human Factors in Cyber Security. Her work, in particular, examines the human factors in cyber security. Professor Whitty has led many large interdisciplinary projects in cybersecurity; examples include romance scams and scams in general; insider threat; online deception and cyber security practices, education and awareness raising. She has been a member of the Global Futures Communities for Cyber Security for the World Economic Forum. Prof Whitty is the author of over 100 articles and 5 books, examples include 'Cyberpsychology: The study of individuals, society and digital technologies' (Wiley, 2017, with Garry Young) and ‘Truth, Lies, and Trust on the Internet’ (Routledge, 2009, with Adam Joinson).


Day 2 @ 11:10

Considering the human factors in improving your workforce’s cyber hygiene

  • The COVID 19 pandemic sent many workers to work from home without proper cyber security guidance or training.
  • Organisation’s policy and educational programmes often do not account for individual differences.
  • Cyber security awareness raising is not sufficient if organisations wish to change employees’ cyber security behaviours.
last published: 12/Jan/22 05:35 GMT

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