Mike Khan | Executive Director - Finance and Program Governance
Australian Public Service

Mike Khan, Executive Director - Finance and Program Governance, Australian Public Service

Mike has over thirty years of senior management experience in the Australian Public Service. He has worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Department of Industry, Technology and Commerce and presently works as an Executive Director in Client Engagement Group for the Australian Taxation Office.

Mike is an accomplished leader in organisational transformation through development and implementation of innovative client service, organisational development, business transformation, planning and reporting, staff capability development, knowledge development, change management, performance improvement, compliance management, revenue performance and risk management strategies. He has postgraduate qualifications in economics, statistics and accounting from University of Sydney, University of NSW and University of Canberra.

Intelligent Automation encompassing RPA, ML and AI are developing rapidly creating new opportunities to reach and connect customers, and generating opportunities for considerable cost efficiencies and development of value added products and services. Digital technologies today are swiftly disrupting the existing business models. Digital transformation remains a major issue for private and public sector organisations globally. Australia trails behind G7 countries including Singapore in the take up of Intelligent Automation. With this in mind, Mike continues to ensure that research, learnings and best practice from private and public sector transformation journeys are identified to assist the ANZ organisations to redefine value add, become more client centric and make it easier to transform their organisation to seize the full opportunities from economics of digital.

Mike has a global network and prolific writer on LinkedIn in digital transformation. He is a sought after speaker for conferences because of his ability to bring a unique perspectives from new economics of digital, organisation developments issues, how to seize the opportunities from these technologies, and assisting and guiding CEOs, CDOs and CFOs in their digital transformation journey.


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Driving service delivery through the adoption of Intelligent Automation and AI

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