Mehul Patel | Director, Product Marketing
Menlo Security, Inc.

Mehul Patel, Director, Product Marketing, Menlo Security, Inc.

Mehul Patel is Menlo Security’s Director of Product Marketing. He has more than 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. Previously, he founded Lattice Security, an enterprise data protection solution, and he has held product management leadership roles at Proofpoint, Cisco, and ScanSafe. Earlier, he worked at Deutsche Bank as an analyst, and he holds an MBA from Imperial College of London. As an industry leader in the cybersecurity space, Mehul is well-versed in data protection, threat analysis, networking, Internet isolation technologies, and cloud-delivered security, as well as in finding the best pubs in London.


Day 1 @ 12:10

Roundtable 11: A Case Study - why the US Department of Defense chose Menlo Security to keep their 3.5 million personnel 100% Malware Free

This roundtable will run three times at 12:10 pm, 12:40 pm and 1:10 pm.
  • What is Isolation Technology? An introduction to the World’s Only Cloud Proxy Platform Built on Isolation Core which can guarantee 100% Malware Protection.
  • How Menlo Security solved a big problem for the US Department of Defense. And why they stayed away from legacy cyber security providers.
  • A 2 minute sneak peek of the platform; Q & A; A competition and a special prize of a 90 days free trial for a limited number of Teams.
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT

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