Mark Fisher | Head of Business Development

Mark Fisher, Head of Business Development, Scantek

For the last twenty years Mark has worked globally in senior executive & Board roles for the world’s most respected tier 1 investment, retail and commercial banking and management consulting firms. These include Barclays International, Lloyds of London, HSBC Capital Markets China, GE Capital Bank Europe, Goldman Sacks, Morgan Stanley New York, UBS Bank Switzerland and Budapest Bank Hungary. Mark specialises in global technology change programs & institutional restructuring. He has lived & worked in a variety of global locations including the US, UK, Switzerland, Nigeria, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, France, Ecuador, Colombia, India, Philippines, Latvia, Romania, Poland and Hungary.

As recent Global Head of Transformation for the Royal Bank of Scotland, Mark oversaw its transition from a brick & mortar retail bank into a full-service digital institution on behalf of its majority shareholder the UK Govt & Chancellor of the Exchequer.


Day 1 @ 12:10

Roundtable 10: The current state and future of Identity verification

This roundtable will run three times at 12:10 pm, 12:40 pm and 1:10 pm.
  • What is identity verification?
  • Why and where does it matter?
  • How is it currently completed; challenges and risks
  • Future proof solution and why it is needed now
last published: 30/Oct/20 00:55 GMT
last published: 30/Oct/20 00:55 GMT
last published: 30/Oct/20 00:55 GMT

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