Maria Milosavljevic | General Manager, Cyber Security (Chief Information Security Officer)
Services Australia | Australia

Maria Milosavljevic, General Manager, Cyber Security (Chief Information Security Officer), Services Australia

Dr Maria Milosavljevic is the General Manager Cyber Services (CISO) at the Commonwealth agency, Services Australia, having taken up the role in April 2021. In this role, she is responsible for building improved cyber security practices and capabilities, and providing consistent and reliable services across the agency as well as to many partner agencies, under the whole of government platform and services agenda. 
Dr Milosavljevic joined Services Australia in January 2019 as the inaugural Chief Data Officer (CDO) where she was responsible for establishing a new Data and Analytics Division (Data Hub), and championing the agency’s data and analytics strategy including appropriate data management, governance, use and innovation, as well as creating the right environment and collaborative arrangements to support this across the agency, broader government, industry and academia. Dr Milosavljevic also chaired the whole of government Data Champions Executive and Network at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, where she championed the innovative and appropriate use of data across the Commonwealth Government.
Dr Milosavljevic is also an Honorary Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Australian National University (ANU) and Chair of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Cyber Security Committee. Prior to moving to Services Australia, Dr Milosavljevic was the inaugural NSW Government Chief Information Security Officer (GCISO), responsible for building improved prevention, detection and a streamlined response to cyber security across the State. 
Milosavljevic completed a PhD in Artificial Intelligence with the Microsoft Research Institute, graduated from ANU with an Executive Master of Public Administration from ANZSOG, and is a graduate of the AICD. 


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Implementing a cyber security strategy throughout a changing digital landscape

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