Marco Fagnoli | Consulting Principal – BPM & Process Automation

Marco Fagnoli, Consulting Principal – BPM & Process Automation, Leonardo

Marco is a persuasive leader in business improvement and process automation with local and global experience in the operation of enterprise-wide transformation programs in small and large organisations. Marco has an excellent track record in the continuous improvement of business processes – both leading and implementing fit-for-purpose architecture and automation practices for customers, integrating to their ways of working and complex requirements. 

With a diverse experience base across industries, roles and programs, Marco  combines leading architectural and analysis practices with pragmatic business experience to promote informed decision making at all levels of the business. He has a successful track record in motivating and influencing people to create effective digital transformation outcomes in the mining, banking and government sectors.  


Day 1 @ 12:10

Architected Automation - Rapidly Scaling Services in a Pandemic

  • Setting strong foundations: laying the groundwork for a robust and scalable practice within a complex government and technical environment
  • Responding to shifting priorities in a pandemic landscape: practical flexibility in delivery methods and skills as needed by shifting program demands.
  • Expect the Unexpected - rapidly scaling to hundred of bots to deliver critical services during the height of the pandemic
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