Lesley Honeyman | Director Cyber Security Operations, Cyber Security NSW
NSW Department of Customer Service

Lesley Honeyman, Director Cyber Security Operations, Cyber Security NSW, NSW Department of Customer Service

Lesley Honeyman joined the Department of Customer Service in January 2019 as the Director Operations.  In this role she is responsible for several functions which include intelligence, incident response, capability development, infrastructure security and vulnerability scanning.  Together with her team she has established the first state government vulnerability scanning capability ? Bathurst Vulnerability Management Centre.  Ms Honeyman as the Director Operations continues to develop and maintain positive working relationships with key agencies at a state, national and international level. She has over 25 years of experience in the intelligence and security field, both at the state and federal level. Her experience includes providing leadership and coordination to cyber incident response, special events and operations managed by NSW Police Force (Lindt Café, World Youth Day and the 2000 Sydney Olympics). She received a Deputy Commissioner?s Commendation and an award of meritorious service for her commitment and dedication to NSW Police Force.


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Strengthening Cyber Incident Response in your Organisation

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