Jonathon Thorpe | Division Head Digital Identity & myGov
Australian Digital Transformation Agency

Jonathon Thorpe, Division Head Digital Identity & myGov, Australian Digital Transformation Agency

Jonathon Thorpe was appointed General Manager for Digital Identity and myGov in February 2021, after acting in the role from June 2020.  Jonathon is also Senior Responsible Officer for Digital Identity, working towards providing safer, simpler, and more convenient access to online services as part of a whole-of-economy solution for Australians and Australian businesses.   
Jonathon joined the DTA in January 2018, acting in a variety of roles including Australian Government Chief Digital Officer and Chief Strategy Officer before taking up his present position.  
Jonathon has extensive public sector experience working across large service delivery agencies with over 10 years in executive roles. He has delivered large-scale initiatives across digital marketing, social media, customer experience (CX), staff experience, and whole-of-government transformation domains.


Day 1 @ 12:30

A whole-of-government digital identity program that improves engagement with Australian people and businesses

  • What Digital Identity Legislation will do to build trust and engagement in Digital Identity
  • Benefits for industry participation in the Digital Identity system
  • Digital Identity and improving the experience of interacting with government
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