Hassan Baickdeli | Head of Emerging Technologies & Solutions
Lenovo Australia & New Zealand

Hassan Baickdeli, Head of Emerging Technologies & Solutions, Lenovo Australia & New Zealand

Having a passion for emerging technologies, Hassan works closely with organisations as well as solutions and alliance partners to 
delve deep into problems and challenges. Once understanding the overall requirement, bringing it all together to deliver contextual 
outcomes for the people and organisations looking for enablement. Hassan has spent the last 20 years working with  organisations 
such as, Schools, various levels of government, Universities, Health, Mining, Construction, Agriculture and many others to properly 
understand challenges and various areas that can be enhanced by Digital Transformation via AI, IoT, VR, Mobility, Compute and SMART
As well as looking at the integration and application from networks and platforms right through to end-user and customer experience 
delivering modernisation of technologies across various environments.


Day 1 @ 15:40

Understanding Digital and Preparing for Transformation

There has been no better time for change, organisations are looking to understand how digital methodologies are now far surpassing traditional and realising the short and long term benefits. With any type of transformation understanding not only of the outcome but also the environment that it needs to work in is key.
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT

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