Frank Hutchings | Enterprise Solutions Specialist
Lenovo | Australia

Frank Hutchings, Enterprise Solutions Specialist, Lenovo

Frank Hutchings is an Enterprise Solutions Specialist at Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group - looking after Government and large enterprise accounts in ACT and NSW. Before joining Lenovo 6 years ago Frank worked as a cloud engineer, and prior to that as an infrastructure engineer in the telco and essential services space.


Day 1 @ 13:50

Roundtable 05: Driving Transformation Through Everything-as-a-Service

This roundtable will run at 13:50, 14:20 and 14:50. Be it private cloud, hybrid cloud or multicloud, the needs of rapidly changing business have led many organisations to adopt smarter, pay-as-you-go solutions that transform the way we consume IT.During this session we’ll talk about as-a-service consumption models that provide a cloud-like experience combined with on-prem security and control, allowing users to focus more on the bigger picture.We’ll also look ways to harness the value of data at the edge with Lenovo Edge Computing solutions to drive smarter digital transformation for your organisation.
last published: 18/Jan/22 05:35 GMT

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