Elissa Walker | Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Commissioner of Digital Delivery

Elissa Walker, Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Commissioner of Digital Delivery, ATO

Elissa Walker is the ATO’s Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Commissionerfor Digital Delivery. Elissa leads a dedicated team responsible for the development of the ATOs digital transformation as well as the ATOs digital platforms for online services, digital identity, digital API services gateway and client contact platforms. Elissa is passionate about continually enriching the digital experience by collaborating across domestic and international government digital ecosystems to enable and deliver digital transformation. Elissa brings exceptional leadership and delivery experience in influencing and delivering complex technological change and digital solutions spanning both the private and public sector in Australia and Asia. Prior to her current role, Elissa was the ATO’s Assistant Commissioner for Digital Delivery Solutions and wasresponsible for the ATOs external facing online platforms including ATO Online services for individuals, agents, business and the mobile app. Within months of commencing, Elissa was tasked with delivering several measures that directly helped Australian’s needing financial support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before joining the ATO in January 2020, Elissa was a senior executive for a global technology and professional services company Accenture. For 18 years, Elissa led and delivered large-scale technology solutions and digital programs for revenue, health, defence and education clients. This included the implementation of Australia’s myHealth Record, Singapore’s National Electronic Health system, and the ATO’s Change Program. Elissa also worked for the Queensland Government leading a strategic change initiative todeliver organisational improvements and change in the delivery of ICT services.


Day 1 @ 10:10

Supporting organisational operations with large-scale digital transformation

  • Managing workforce engagement during large digital tranformation
  • Effectively diagnosing priorities and regular business demands
  • Managing risk throughout the transformation process

Day 1 @ 16:00

Delivering Continuous Improvement in the Digital User Experience

Developing a strategy that will constantly improve customer experience
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