Chris Goldsmid | Commander Cybercrime Operations
Australian Federal Police | Australia

Chris Goldsmid, Commander Cybercrime Operations, Australian Federal Police

Since January 2019, Commander Goldsmid has been responsible for Cybercrime Operations, the area mandated to enhance AFP cyber capabilities and investigate cybercrimes against the Commonwealth government, critical infrastructure, systems of national significance and those impacting the whole of economy.

Commander Goldsmid joined the Australian Federal Police in 2002 and has over eighteen years’ experience as a leader and manager in local, national and international law enforcement. He has a diverse skillset across operational, policy and capability development roles and has led criminal investigations targeting organised crime, money laundering, drug trafficking and corruption. 

Commander Goldsmid holds academic qualifications in law and information technology and has completed the AFP’s Management of Serious Crime (MOSC) program.


Day 1 @ 11:10

Recognising the expanding cyber threat in 2021 and responding with sophisticated anti-cybercrime operations

  • Cybercrime strategy / approach.
  • Operation Ruthven as a case study.
  • Cybercrime NPI and recruiting.

Day 1 @ 11:50

Reviewing new and emerging cyber threats and challenges

  • Understanding new threats and setting a strategy
  • How the latest security trends are influencing cyber policy
  • Responding to the evolving cyber security landscape
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