Ches Rafferty | CEO
Scantek Solutions | Australia

Ches Rafferty, CEO, Scantek Solutions

Co-founder of Scantek, Ches Rafferty is recognised as an identity verification and ID scanning expert. With over a decade in the industry Ches has dedicated his career to revolutionising identity verification and developing 100% digital solutions.

Starting at the back of a pub, Ches is experienced at translating real-world problems into clever solutions that make Australians safer. He has championed using technology to reduce antisocial behaviour, alcohol-fuelled violence and online fraud.  
Ches has been integral to Scantek’s evolution into the RegTech and FinTech space, representing an Australian start-up success story. A technologist at heart, he helps organisations demystify technology, including machine learning, biometrics and optical character recognition (OCR). His passion has established a talented, diverse software and hardware development team working at the cutting edge of the industry.    
Ches still remains at the helm of the business working with clients to unpack how identity verification can be used to solve industry-wide challenges and meet their regulatory requirements. 


Day 2 @ 10:30

Demystifying Identity Verification: The realities of Interoperability

  • Who currently uses Verification of Identity (VOI) and why?
  • What are the different frameworks
  • FutureGen - What are the opportunities for future collaboration
last published: 19/Jan/22 03:35 GMT

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