Cassandra Meagher | Executive Director, Service Reform
Service Victoria, Australian Government | Australia

Cassandra Meagher, Executive Director, Service Reform, Service Victoria, Australian Government

As an experienced leader, Cassandra translates ideas into strategies and delivers them. She is currently Executive Director, Policy and Regulation at Service Victoria, in the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet leading the creation of Victoria’s identity policy and regulatory framework.

Cassandra grew her career in the early 90’s as an economist with the Productivity Commission learning the fundamentals of public policy and regulatory reform, applying them in practice to the restructuring of railways in New South Wales and Britain. She then leveraged this understanding to work in the Financial Sector as stock brokers advising Australian and International institutions on the rationale for investing in transport, mining services and commercial service firms. Since 2011 she has worked in the Victorian public sector, including leading the Victorian Biosecurity Regulator and being on six statutory committees and representing the Victoria on the National Biosecurity Committee. Some of her achievements in this role included leading the policy and regulatory work underpinning the Victorian Government decision to implement Electronic Sheep Identification, as well as the development of a series of actions plans including the Victorian Wild Dog Action Plan, the Fruit Fly Action Plan and the draft Animal Welfare Action Plan.

Cassandra has a Masters in Commerce majoring in Economics from the University of Melbourne and an honours degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics for La Trobe University. She has post graduate qualifications in project management and applied finance. She has studied utility regulation in the United Kingdom and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a member of Women on Boards. Cassandra is a member of the advisory group for the ANZSOG/national regulators community of practice and is the founder of MS Angels Melbourne (raising money for a cure for MS) and manages two under 9s soccer teams.

Cassandra’s experience with innovation:

Cassandra drives reform and innovation seeking to improve service offerings, value for money, the operation of the public sector and the experience of the public sector for stakeholders and the public.  Highly skilled in leading teams, solving problems and building team capability, Cassandra believes that collaborative team working that enables team members the opportunity to learn from each other delivers great results and the best environment for people to thrive in.


Day 1 @ 12:10

The current state and the future of identity verification

  • How is identity verification evolving?
  • How can we expand the applications of ID verification for citizens and consumers?
  • Addressing the upcoming challenges of online identification

Day 2 @ 10:30

Demystifying Identity Verification: The realities of Interoperability

  • Who currently uses Verification of Identity (VOI) and why?
  • What are the different frameworks
  • FutureGen - What are the opportunities for future collaboration

Day 2 @ 11:10

The Service Victoria - the identity journey

Service Victoria has created over 180,000 reusable digital identities and has also commenced a paper based channel allowing those who find it difficult to prove their identity online the opportunity to get a digital identity that can be reused. Hear about the journey, successes and lessons learned.
last published: 12/Jan/22 05:35 GMT

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