Bridget Brill | FAS/Executive Director - Australian Passport Office
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Bridget Brill, FAS/Executive Director - Australian Passport Office, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Bridget Brill took up the position of Executive Director, Australian Passports Office, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in October 2019.   Ms Brill is responsible for end to end passport services including:

  • Operations across a national network involving approximately 650 staff
  • Citizen-centric service design
  • Channel management across multiple vendors
  • Passport ICT infrastructure and digitalisation of services
  • Fraud and compliance
  • Policy and legislation
  • Passport identity and biometrics
  • International engagement on passport related issues
Bridget formally joined the Australian public service in 2001 and has had a diverse public service career.  Bridget spent her first six years in the public service as an Australian negotiator to the United Nations on Climate Change and a further year negotiating Australian free trade agreements.   
Bridget then moved into domestic policy and program delivery.  A key focus of her work was on public/private partnerships including the management of a national carbon neutral labelling scheme and the establishment of an independent public company to spearhead innovative financing models for energy efficiency. 
With a passion for whole of government service delivery, Bridget moved to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in 2011 for four years.  Bridget provided delivery advice to three Prime Ministers and their Cabinets. Bridget also led, or participated in, a range of Taskforces including operational management of the Brisbane G20 Summit.
Prior to her appointment as Executive Director, Australian Passport Office, Ms Brill led the Operations Management Division within the Department of Human Services. The Division was responsible for demand management and workload allocation across a national network of 12,000 staff.  The Division also had responsibility for business continuity, emergency and incident management.
Prior to joining the public service Bridget worked in war torn Iraq, India, Russia, during the fall of the USSR and Chile. Bridget holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Postgraduate in Science and Technology Policy. She is married with two children and a beloved beagle.


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Providing a secure, efficient and responsive passport service for Australians

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