Brett Hyland | Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Brett Hyland, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, NATA

Brett Hyland is the Stakeholder Engagement Manager with NATA, Australia’s peak body for laboratory accreditation. He has decades of experience working with industry and government stakeholders to ensure that Australia’s systems for product and asset compliance continue to serve the public interest.  Most recently, Brett has been involved in activities funded by the Australian Government directed towards defining standard protocols for handling conformity data, within the context of digital trade systems.  A report titled Digitalisation of Conformance and Accreditation Processes based on ISO/IEC Global Data Standards arising from this work has recently been published.  Previously, Brett has managed commercial laboratory operations and has led hundreds of third-party evaluations of laboratories, inspection bodies and accreditation bodies based on international conformance standards.  He is also part of the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) panel of international evaluators, supporting laboratory accreditation activities across the Asia-Pacific region.


Day 2 @ 11:10

Digital trade - linking data platforms through global identifiers

  • National product credentialling in a digital age
  • Decentralised conformity data portals
  • WTO/ICC Standards Toolkit identifiers
last published: 10/May/22 11:45 GMT

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