Brett Gilbertson | Tablet PC Director
ASI Solutions

Brett Gilbertson, Tablet PC Director, ASI Solutions

Brett is a presenter, YouTuber, productivity thinker and digital skills coach. Brett's has a deep interest in the science of human computer interaction (HCI). But, what drives Brett is connecting research to the actions, behaviours and practices that we need to be at our best when we use technology.
Brett has worked over the last 12 years to develop training and coaching programs for Microsoft Surface, Teams, and OneNote that have been shared with thousands of people from construction and mining workers to some of Australia’s top executives, politicians and leaders. 


Day 1 @ 14:00

Roundtable 23: How healthy is your relationship with technology?

This roundtable will run at 14:00, 14:30 and 15:00. We were promised a four day work week, but it feels like we’re working longer and harder than ever! Technology was supposed to improve our productivity, but in many ways it has failed to deliver. Instead, we’re feeling more stressed, exhausted and dissatisfied than ever before - and technology is contributing to the problem!How can we turn technology back onto the problem of burnout? There are several practical measures that we can take, and they all share one thing in common.
last published: 10/May/22 11:45 GMT

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