Andrew Collins | CIO & CSO
Sport Integrity Australia

Andrew Collins, CIO & CSO, Sport Integrity Australia

Andrew is the Chief Information Officer for Sport Integrity Australia (formerly known as the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority - ASADA) and was engaged 18 months ago to lead the agency’s transformation from a paper-based business to a Government leading digital enterprise. In that time ASADA has dramatically transformed to a fully digital, data-informed organisation operating globally.

Andrew is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and technology-led transformation and is a founding partner of AI firm and not-for-profit blockchain-based refugee identity management platform 

Andrew’s focus over a 22-year career in ICT has been using technology to transform and realise business value. 
His focus is on removing the hype and leveraging the benefits of new and emerging technology to drive real-world business change and value.    


Day 1 @ 11:10

AI Powered business transformation

  • Sport Integrity Australia has moved from a paper based agency to fully in the cloud (at Protected) in 18 months which saw us win the IPAA Government innovation award last year.
  • Sport Integrity Australia operates on a global stage with extensive global collaboration and partnerships.
  • AI and data are the backbone of the transformation forming an informed and automated organisation.
  • Talk about the lessons learnt, what went right and wrong and how Government agencies can use AI to accelerate their modernisation.

Day 2 @ 13:05

Cyber Security as a Team Sport

In the panel session we will discuss how to realise the benefits of increased funding for cyber security, through collaboration and teamwork amongst all level of government
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT
last published: 03/Nov/20 22:45 GMT

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