Parametric Systems


Parametric Systems was incorporated in 2017 to develop software that uses the information acquired during the analysis and design for an application, to program the new application software.

During the development of the Enigma software other products became apparent –

Gateway – An add-on to give control over application access by unknown users;

Net2Core – A patented security structure that separates the application database from the Internet. Although Net2Core is embedded within Enigma, it can also be retro-fitted to existing applications;

Piracy Protection – An application security add-on to thwart software piracy. It is integral in an application and requires no User input or Internet access to validate legitimate access.

Enigma uses patented, narrow (i.e. rules based) Artificial Intelligence, to generate software for secure Web Applications that provide the advantages available from use of the Internet without the risk inherent in use of the Internet.

Net2Core is a patented software process that interfaces Internet applications with isolated databases.  Isolated databases cannot be accessed via the Internet and cannot access the Internet.