Founded in 2005, Emantra is a 100% Australian-owned and operated private company. With offices and data centre points of presence (PoPs) in Brisbane and Canberra, Emantra expertly manages and delivers its core business services. Emantra is renowned for its Sovereign Cloud Hosting and HCF-certified GovCloud, managed by an AGSVA security-cleared team. Additionally, Emantra provides an IRAP-assessed Secure Internet & Email Gateway at the PROTECTED level, a LogRhythm-based SIEM, and a 24x7 capable SOC.
Recently, Emantra launched CyberStart, a hosted suite of certified tools designed to help businesses and government agencies achieve high standards of cyber hygiene and regulatory compliance. This new offering complements Emantra's robust compliance portfolio, which includes ISO27001 and ISO9001 certifications.
As a small business passionate about cybersecurity, Emantra continually pushes the boundaries with its innovative services. Our team of cybersecurity experts is always ready to discuss new ideas or offer their technical expertise.