This year's featured keynote speakers are:

Gayan Benedict, Chief Information Officer, Reserve Bank of Australia

Abigail Bradshaw, Head, Australian Cyber Security Centre

Randall Brugeaud, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Digital Transformation Agency

Randall Brugeaud |  | Australian Digital Transformation Agency » speaking at Tech in Gov

Leanne Fry, Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Information Security Officer, AUSTRAC

Leanne Fry |  | AUSTRAC » speaking at Tech in Gov

Michael Hopwood, Managing Director, Customer Consulting Group

Michael Hopwood | Managing Director | Customer Consulting Group » speaking at Tech in Gov

Ramez Katf, Chief Information Officer, Australian Taxation Office

Michael Pezzullo AO, Secretary, Department of Home Affairs

Robinson Roe, Managing Director APJ, OneTrust

Robinson Roe |  | OneTrust » speaking at Tech in Gov
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Plenary, Tuesday 10 August 2021

Michael Pezzullo AO

Technology – the balance between economics and security

  • An exploration of geo-strategic technology security challenges on economic resilience
  • Critical and emerging technology, supply chain security and critical infrastructure resilience underpinning prosperity
  • The criticality of sovereign data security, cyber security and trusted identity underpinning a digital economy
Robinson Roe

Trust not Data is the new oil

  • Data has been heralded as the “new oil”, but do we Trust organisations with our Data?
  • The backlash is coming from Consumers, Regulators and Technology Changes.
  • Trust is the emerging must have Brand Value, but to build it we need to change our thinking.
Randall Brugeaud

Addressing the government’s current and future digital capabilities to improve customer service

Michael Hopwood

Deliver services that delight your stakeholders

  • Personalise interactions with effective stakeholder management
  • Increase efficiency with structured case management
  • Increase productivity with standardised workflows and business processes
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Plenary, Wednesday 11 August 2021

Ramez Katf

Delivering Continuous Improvement in the Digital User Experience

last published: 24/Jun/21 05:05

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