This year's featured keynote speakers are:

Gayan Benedict, Chief Technology Officer, Salesforce Australia and New Zealand

Andrea Carson, Associate Professor (Journalism), Department of Politics, Media and Philosophy, La Trobe University

Andrea Carson |  | La Trobe University » speaking at Tech in Gov

Armando Dacal, Vice President, APAC, Tanium

Leanne Fry, Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Information Security Officer, AUSTRAC

Chris Griffith, Senior Technology Journalist, The Australian

Michael Hopwood, Managing Director, Customer Consulting Group

Maria Milosavljevic, Chief Data Integration Officer, Department of Defence

Jamie Norton, Partner, McGrath Nicol

Dave Ormrod, Associate Professor and Enterprise Fellow in Cyber Security, University of South Australia

Dave Ormrod |  | University of South Australia » speaking at Tech in Gov

Suvo Rakkhit, ANZ Director of Sales Engineering, NETSCOUT

Suvo Rakkhit |  | NETSCOUT » speaking at Tech in Gov

Robinson Roe, Managing Director APJ, OneTrust

Elissa Walker, Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Commissioner of Digital Delivery, ATO

last published: 10/May/22 11:45 GMT

Plenary (Royal Theatre), Wednesday 11 May 2022

Maria Milosavljevic

Leading an enterprise data transformation program

Robinson Roe

Trust not Data is the new oil

  • Data has been heralded as the “new oil”, but do we Trust organisations with our Data?
  • The backlash is coming from Consumers, Regulators and Technology Changes.
  • Trust is the emerging must have Brand Value, but to build it we need to change our thinking.
Elissa Walker

Delivering Continuous Improvement in the Digital User Experience

Developing a strategy that will constantly improve customer experience
Michael Hopwood

Deliver services that delight your stakeholders

  • Personalise interactions with effective stakeholder management
  • Increase efficiency with structured case management
  • Increase productivity with standardised workflows and business processes
Suvo Rakkhit

Cloud Migration - Overcoming service performance troubleshooting challenges

How does end-to-end visibility across physical and virtualised, on premise, or public cloud-based environments help reduce the risk and cost of migration, and post-project operations.
last published: 10/May/22 12:45

Plenary (Royal Theatre), Thursday 12 May 2022

Andrea Carson

Why fake news is a problem for democracy and what to do about it?

  • The Australian federal election campaign is underway and already we are seeing viral examples of fake news. But what is fake news and the difference between misinformation and disinformation?
  • Why do we need to distinguish between these terms and who is responsible for dealing with it.
  • What are the consequences of online disinformation for democratic health.
  • A/prof Andrea Carson will address this global wicked problem using timely examples in this session
last published: 10/May/22 12:45

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