Matt Bourne, Vice President, Digital Identity, Mastercard

Rachel Dixon, Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner

Amanda Ianna, Registrar, NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages

Grant Lamont, Head of Identity Solutions, Australia Post

Grant Lamont |  | Australia Post » speaking at Tech in Gov

Cassandra Meagher, Executive Director, Service Reform, Service Victoria, Australian Government

Ches Rafferty, CEO, ScanTek Solutions

Robinson Roe, Managing Director APJ, OneTrust

Mallika Sathi, Vice President, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions and Digital Identity, Mastercard

Rajiv Shah, Fellow, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Rajiv Shah |  | Australian Strategic Policy Institute » speaking at Tech in Gov

Jonathon Thorpe, Division Head Digital Identity & myGov, Australian Digital Transformation Agency

Alex Wilson, Director Solution Engineering - APJ, Yubico

Alex Wilson |  | Yubico » speaking at Tech in Gov
last published: 25/Nov/21 04:25 GMT

Identity, Wednesday 9 February 2022

Amanda Ianna

A digital birth certificate? Building a secure and trusted identity platform for Australian Citizens

Alex Wilson

Strong multi-factor authentication as the foundation for zero trust

Government agencies are facing increasing challenges as their expanded remote workforce becomes the new normal.In this environment, identity is the new perimeter and strong authentication forms the foundation for a zero trust architecture and is required to achieve Maturity Level 3 (Essential 8).Adopting a zero trust architecture is a journey not lightly taken, the use of strong authentication at the outset provides a number of benefits. However, if authentication is too difficult or cumbersome for employees to use, they will find workarounds leaving agencies vulnerable to phishing attacks and account takeovers.This session will examine some of the practicalities of:
  • The journey to implementing zero trust environment
  • The challenges associated with traditional authentication methods
  • Why not all MFA is created equal
  • The use cases for strong passwordless authentication
Rachel Dixon

Who wants a digital identity?

  • What digital identity is for, and why most people have inflated ideas about it
  • Why there’s no “market” for identity in a government context
  • Safely de-coupling identity from data-matching
Panel discussion
Jonathon Thorpe

A whole-of-government digital identity program that improves engagement with Australian people and businesses

  • What Digital Identity Legislation will do to build trust and engagement in Digital Identity
  • Benefits for industry participation in the Digital Identity system
  • Digital Identity and improving the experience of interacting with government
last published: 25/Nov/21 04:25

Identity, Thursday 10 February 2022

Panel discussion
Mallika Sathi

The benefits and challenges of digital identification

Cassandra Meagher

The Service Victoria - the identity journey

Service Victoria has created over 180,000 reusable digital identities and has also commenced a paper based channel allowing those who find it difficult to prove their identity online the opportunity to get a digital identity that can be reused. Hear about the journey, successes and lessons learned.
Grant Lamont

Applying the promise of digital identity in the real world

  • Digital identity has evolved well beyond a theoretical debate in Australia
  • Glenn shares unique perspectives of implementing digital identity
  • What he sees will be the next phase of evolution for Australia
last published: 25/Nov/21 04:25

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