Identity as Data: Collaboration and Innovation between the Government & Private Sector

3-4 November 2020
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What is Identity Expo?


The digital identity market is consistently growing and evolving. To remain ahead of the changes, the Identity Expo features the leading minds who will deliver on the latest topics and insights. These will include the development of IT infrastructure, the implementation of numerous government ID initiatives, the widespread adoption of new cloud-based solutions, uptake of digital financial solutions and the regional pandemic of cybersecurity breaches. As more and more people are relying on digital and mobile domains to interact with the world around them, the need for robust online identity systems has never been greater.

This two-day virtual exhibition and cutting-edge conference, is designed to bring together the global community of digital identity specialists within government and industry in one place.

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Future of Identity and Access Management

Identity and the Move to a Mobile Society

Sustainable Development - Digital Identity for a better Future

Combating Digital Identity Fraud

Trusted, Privacy-Enhancing Identity Online

Digital Identity on the Blockchain

Smart Authentication in the Digital World

The Role of Digital Identity in Government

International Interoperability of Digital Identities







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