Meet the experts speaking in Digital Transformation in 2022: 

Michael Ackland, National General Manager, Government and Strategic Projects, Vocus, Australia

Teresa Blair, a/Chief Data Integration Officer, Department of Defence, Australia

Teresa Blair |  | Department of Defence » speaking at Tech in Gov

Tammy Braybrook, Chief Data Officer, IP Australia, Australia

Tammy Braybrook |  | IP Australia » speaking at Tech in Gov

Aaron Bugal, Global Solutions Engineer, Sophos, Australia

Adam Carthew, Chief Information Officer, Service Victoria, Australia

Craig Doran, CEO, COMtrac, Australia

Leanne Fry, Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Information Security Officer, AUSTRAC, Australia

Ron Gauci, CEO, Australian Information Industry Association, Australia

Simon Herbert, Chief Data Officer, NSW Department of Customer Service, Australia

Steve Hodgkinson, Chief Information Officer, Victorian Department of Health, Australia

Michael Hopwood, Managing Director, Customer Consulting Group, Australia

Bettina Konti, Deputy Director-General and Chief Digital Officer, Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, ACT Government, Australia

Rory Martin, AP Practice Lead Smart Collabortaion, Lenovo, Australia

Anthony Murfett, Deputy Head, Australian Space Agency, Australia

Steve Perry, Data Management and Data Analytics Expert, Informatica, Australia

Steve Perry |  | Informatica » speaking at Tech in Gov

Grant Sayer, Chief Technology Officer, Healthdirect Australia, Australia

Malcolm Thatcher, Chief Technology Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency, Australia

Nicholas York, ANZ Head of Adobe Sign for Government, Adobe, Australia

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Digital Transformation, Wednesday 11 May 2022

Steve Hodgkinson
Digital Transformation

Digitally transforming your agency using high cadence Platform+Agile project delivery

Steve will discuss his department’s experiences during the pandemic and reflect on the importance of digital fitness as an enabler of high cadence project delivery.
  • Learn how your agency can become digitally fit.
  • Understand how the Platform+Agile approach creates better, faster, outcomes and reduces project costs and risks.
  • Appreciate the distinction between Digital Transformation and digitally transforming.
Rory Martin
Digital Transformation

Reinventing the workplace

Work is what we do, not where we go to do it. Now with more people working from home, tomorrow’s offices will be co-creation spaces where employees meet to collaborate – some in person, some from remote locations. Join Rory Martin, Lenovo AP Practice Lead, Smart Collaboration, as he explores the digital transformation of the workplace of the future.
Panel discussion
Digital Transformation

Digitisation goes beyond a digital interface

Whilst simply changing a form from paper to digital provides a range of improvements in areas such as user experience and data quality, the real gains in efficiency are realised by streamlining the processes that relate to the data being captured. Panellists will discuss the digitisation journey they have been on and provide advice on best practise approaches.
last published: 19/Jan/22 03:35

Digital Transformation, Thursday 12 May 2022

Adam Carthew
Digital Transformation

Maximising digtial capabilities to improve customer service delivery

Craig Doran
Digital Transformation

It’s not a pandemic but it’s global

Courts globally were initially caught off-guard in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the courts underwent a breakneck transition to operate virtually. Virtual courts and digital briefs are here and are going to stay.
  • How to transition to digital briefs in weeks, not months
  • How digital briefs streamline the criminal justice process
  • The transparency and quality of digital briefs.
Aaron Bugal
Digital Transformation

Topic to be announced

Michael Ackland
Digital Transformation

The telco revolution in the sky: How LEO satellites are changing the game

The rapidly developing satellite market is changing the way Australian telcos deliver services. This session will discuss:
  • How satellite is set to become a mainstream broadband technology in the same vein as 5G or fibre
  • The incredible pace of LEO satellite technology development, and it’s dependency on high-capacity ground infrastructure
  • How an all-Australian joint venture called Quasar, is ideally placed to meet the growing demand in the ground infrastructure market.
Malcolm Thatcher
Digital Transformation

Maximising the benefits of technology to deliver a better connected healthcare system

Malcolm Thatcher, Chief Technology Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency
Panel discussion
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation with a focus on your customers as well as your employees

  • Implementing customer-centric technology to deliver the right service
  • A focus on the people, the process and the tools required to integrate technology across your organisation
  • Replicating your customer digital experiences for your employees in a hybrid environment
Panel discussion
Digital Transformation

Data Democratisation across Agencies

  • The benefits and challenges to enabling cross-agency collaboration
  • The drive to data sharing – what’s changing the conversation
  • The key ingredients to implement effective use and management of data across enterprise
Anthony Murfett
Digital Transformation

Implementing initiatives to accelerate Australia’s journey to space

Grant Sayer
Digital Transformation

Building the national online covid vaccine booking system ecosystem – a prototype for the future of digital health

Healthdirect Australia works with the Australian Government Department of Health and the health technology sector to build the online journey to determining eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine and making an online appointment. In this presentation we share insights from our involvement in three key areas:
  • Capability: optimising existing infrastructure to build the national online booking system for vaccine appointments, including an eligibility checker, service finder and real-time appointment booking
  • Collaboration: working with governments and private enterprise in the health tech industry to build a safe, secure online user journey to a vaccination appointment - a prototype for digital healthcare
  • Challenges: managing inter-agency dependencies, unpredictable scale, varied tech specs across industry, distributed working arrangements and ensuring a future-proofed, flexible and iterable end-to-end design
last published: 19/Jan/22 03:35

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