Paul Ashcroft, Enterprise Cloud Architect, Australian Government

Nithin Balakrishnan, A/g Technical Manager - Data Projects section, Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Teresa Blair, Assistant Secretary Data Analytics, Department of Defence

Tammy Braybrook, Director Data Analytics, Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Tammy Braybrook |  | Australian Maritime Safety Authority » speaking at Tech in Gov

Kayelle Drinkwater, General Manager, Analysis & Insights Division, Data Policy Branch, Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Paul Jackson, Director, Accedian

Tegan Kop, Pilot and Trial Lead, City of Melbourne

John Wood, Head of Systems Engineering, Veeam

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Cloud & Data (Menzies Theatre), Thursday 12 May 2022

Tegan Kop
Cloud & Data (Menzies Theatre)

How to leverage emerging technology to solve city problems – City of Melbourne Case Study

  • Action: What are the key activities to harness emerging tech for city and community benefit?
  • Insight: What did we learn and how has it changed what we do next?
  • Next steps: Where to from here?
Tammy Braybrook
Cloud & Data (Menzies Theatre)

Overcoming the barriers that prevent effective data sharing

John Wood
Cloud & Data (Menzies Theatre)

Risk management and compliance in the hybrid world

When considering digital transformation, every organization will need to ensure they are meeting compliance needs across their hybrid platforms, in order to reduce their cyber security exposure, join us to hear about:
  • Five key techniques that can ensure that your firm emerges from a ransomware attack unscathed and keep your insurance premiums from climbing
  • Best practices for data protection plus rapid recovery strategies you can use today to protect your enterprise from a cyber attack
  • Overview of Veeam® capabilities that give you tools to protect your organization from ransomware attacks
Kayelle Drinkwater
Cloud & Data (Menzies Theatre)

Dancing with Data─initial steps, growing data capabilities and imbedding data in your organisation

Improving the use of data in your organisation requires multiple skills, Agency Head support and employees who can engage with, and use data well. A fun presentation to hear about engaging with data.
Panel discussion
Cloud & Data (Menzies Theatre)

Supporting "Digital Government" with cloud platforms and applications

  • Harnessing the transformational potential of cloud
  • Aligning operational requirements with cloud solutions
  • Addressing the challenges of cloud migration
Nithin Balakrishnan
Cloud & Data (Menzies Theatre)

Formulating a flexible data management plan to support business operations

Organisations are increasingly amassing huge volumes of structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources. To tap into those wealth of data assets, a data management plan is critical. It is even more important that the data management plan is flexible and agile enough to support the ever evolving data, technology and user-base.A flexible data management plan to support a modern data driven organisation’s business operations would need to include
  • Understanding of what data are being created or sourced
  • Establishing appropriate data management practices that are to be used
  • Design and build of appropriate data technology infrastructure and setting up teams to manage them
Teresa Blair
Cloud & Data (Menzies Theatre)

Creating an enterprise-level integration platform to improve accessibility

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